Identity (english)

Vecino, Vecina: (neighbor)

A person living near or next door. A person that lives with others in the same town, neighborhood or house. A person related to another, anyone, everybody.

We all have neighbors: the apartment neighbor, the neighborhood neighbor, the neighbor city, the neighbor country…. the neighbor galaxies.
Let us think that there are no reasons to close frontiers (any type of frontiers), to prevent people from meeting each other and knowing from one another. Nobody is neighbor in a single way, in only one sense: a neighbor is a neighbor because he lives next to someone and that someone lives next to someone else.

We are all neighbors.

Brochure ENG. (PDF)


Switching effortlessly between styles and genres, this colombian artist has already performed sets in Norway (Killurego Superclub), in Switzerland (Bout du Monde, Escobar) and in Spain.
During the 5 years in which he lived in Barcelona, Spain, he could be heard spinning and playing live in many clubs about town. In Moog he had a residency at the regular sunday parties and was often behind the decks at Loft, in the Lolita Bar and in City Hall, to name but a few.
Claudio Alvarez has so far released tracks on Tension Records, Abe Duque Records, Mental Groove and NOMOREcords
As a dj he has played alongside prestigious artists, such as John Selway, Patrick Pulsinger, Al Lindrum, Abe Duque, DJ Sid, Luciano and many more.
Now he is busy getting his own label out of the starting blocks, from Colombia to the rest of the world:
NOMOREcords, a personal platform always near to the music it releases.

Cristal remixed Mental Groove (CH)
(Ray Ortiz de la Vega)
Gimme a break Tension cd mix Volume 1 Tension (USA)
(Claudio Alvarez)
Lluvia de verano ADR 011 (USA)
(Claudio Alvarez & Al Lindrum)
Los Vecinos C/U EP NOMOREcords 001 (COL)
(Claudio Alvarez)


His solo project: Gladkazuka. He takes the smuttiest edge of dirty disco and mixes with the simplest of infectious rhythms. This is delicious new wave electro-pop fused with all the additives of the best dance music. With hollowed out tiny beats, muddy bass and rolling gun shots of pure house magic, Gladkazuka undeniably romanticises an era of then past, while paving the way for a new age in synth music.
PANAMEÑA is his debut solo effort. With blunt guitars, thumping drum machines and choppy synth textures, this is retro electronica at its best.

Panorama – Panorama, GrabacionesTrinidad-CD, Medellín (2001)
Gladkazuka – Panameña, GrabacionesTrinidad-Cassette, Medellín (2004)
Gladkazuka – Panameña, Sonic360-Mp3 itunes/napster, Londres (2005)
Gladkazuka – Protov. Alegría Remixes, CD compilado, SERB01 (2005)
Gladkazuka – Esta criatura me agrada, GrabacionesTrinidad-CD, Medellín (2006)


Graphic designer and film director, lived seven years in Paris where she finished her studies in ” l’école d’études cinématographiques ESEC”, by the way with an arts and electronic essai workshop. Actually she is teaching comunication and audiovisual production at two universities in Medellin. COL.

Lives Vj
-Medelink Fest- with Los Vecinos, POL (Suiza), Los Mismos (Chile) 2006
-Fiesta de la musica en Medellin- with Dj Orphan, FR 2006
-GladKazuka- CPPP (Platoniq), Universidad de Antioquia 2005.
-Los Vecinos- Bar Socorro (Bogotà), “El dia del Robot” , Galerie 10-36, Minimal Live Act en La Kasa (with SweetN’Candy, Kompakt Alemania) 2005 y 2006
-Live Claudio Alvarez and DandyHead- Galerie 10-36 2006
-Feria Colombia Moda. Fashion show: Pure Gold; with Lucrecia. 2006

Publications and projects
-Projects with Joystick, Suiche- Concerts and experimental video projections. Centro Colombo Americano, 2006.
-Screeners Project-, in cinemateca distrital Bogotá and Galería 10-36, Medellín. 2006. -Archivos Mayo-, HoneyLoveHateTogether: a video produced in DVD by the Galerie Espai Zero1, Olot, España (2005). Showed at Zombie Festival from the Colombo Americano and Museum of Modern Art of Medellín.
-Film. Video in an artist compilation. Special number of “Rojo Miho Magazin”. ESP. 2003.
-Bip. Selected video in the “Festival Internacional de la Imagen”, Manizales, COL. 1997.
RIDER. Technical requirements.
-Mixer Mackie 1202 vlz or similar.
-Audio sidefield monitors
-Video beam. 2500 lumens or more.
-Cable VGA (longer) or S-video, or RCA. Prefer VGA.
-We have the MIDI Control Surface mixer.
A surface min. 3,50m. x 0,70m. for musicians and Vj mounted at height min 1,20m. We need transformers de 110 v to 220 v
Lighting should be as low/soft and discrete as possible and any reflections on the screens, should be canceled, as it will result in lower contrast and quality.



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